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Some words to basic concept of the GPS holders and shells


The GPS holders are made from Thermoplastic consisting of the holder shell (cradle) and mounting bracket. Numerous different brackets are available. You do not have to order a complete kit. Often, only the cradle is required, so that a homemade bracket can be used.

Most of the holders are available nowadays, are made from sharpedged materials such as aluminium or brakable plastic. The result of a fall can lead to the plastic breaking and the rigid aluminium holders beeing bent and twisted for ever. There is also a possibility of injury.

Our thermoplastic holders have been designed to be used in a harsh environement. The material is flexable and the egdes rounded of and deburred by hand.

As an example: For the eTrex family of GPS units we use the lower slot for the securityline to retain the unit as it is deep enough. Where as for the GPS III, GPS V and GPS 60 series and Streetpilot III we do not use the slot as itís only 1,5 mm deep and vibration has often caused the case to brake here. The flat units such as TomTom-One, Go-Series, Garmin: Geko, eMap, GPS12, GPS 72, GPS76 and TomRom are completly rigidly enclosed.

Several holders have extra foamrubber / mossrubber inlays to protect the GPS units!

The GPS unit is simply layed in the holder where it sits safe and sound.

There are more than 50 different cradles even  stronger remarks but those one only in black material.

Various removable kits are available, also as a Click-Fix mount.
To complete the selection, we also offer
Do-It-Yourself sets and Thermoplastic material ...


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